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Common Questions About Working In The Cannabis Industry

Common Questions About Working In The Cannabis Industry

We’ve rounded up some of the most common questions we get from Native Sun applicants about working in the cannabis industry. Read the questions and answers below and apply for cannabis employment today on our jobs page!


Do I need extensive knowledge of cannabis to qualify for a position at Native Sun?

No, although having cannabis knowledge is helpful, you don’t have to be an encyclopedia of cannabis to work at Native Sun. Training will be provided after hiring and employees are encouraged to ask questions about cannabis to help get a better understanding of the products being sold to our customers. We also encourage staff to complete research on cannabis and stay current with any new products or changes while working in the cannabis industry.


What types of training is offered to new employees?

The CCC requires all Marijuana Establishment employees to pass a Responsible Vendor Training Program that will cover a large range of topics such as diversion prevention, types of cannabis and cannabis products, cannabis regulations and laws, how to check IDs and more! Native Sun will also provide in-house training on sales procedures and how to use our store’s POS system.


How extensive are the background checks?

Every applicant who is offered a position at Native Sun Wellness will be required to consent to a background check. The background check will look into the applicant’s criminal history to verify that there are no previous convictions, particularly for narcotic possession or distribution. Social media pages will also be reviewed during background checks.


What are the hours and what will be the work expectations?

Hours of operations at the Hudson dispensary will be 8am – 8pm every day of the week. These hours of operations will allow us to provide both day and evening shifts for employees. We are looking to hire predominately full-time employees. Full-time entry level employees will generally be scheduled between 30-40 hours per week depending on availability. The main expectation of our staff is to provide excellent service to all of NSW’s customers and ensure that they are leaving our facility with all the products they need. Other tasks may be assigned as requested such as cleaning and assisting with opening and closing the store.


Does Native Sun Wellness provide benefits?

Full time employees will be eligible for medical insurance benefits after completion of the first 90 days of employment.


Will there be opportunities to grow at Native Sun Wellness?

Native Sun Wellness is a new company, and as a result, there will be many positions to fill! We encourage any entry level employees to demonstrate their passion and dedication to the cannabis industry, as we want our staff to grow with the company. We also intend to open two additional dispensaries and a cultivation/production facility, which can also potentially lead to great opportunities in the future!