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Native Sun's Customer Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • All Transports
    02/23/2024 07:17 PM
  • Hezron Collie
    02/20/2024 12:17 AM
    Great service
  • David Ferreira
    02/18/2024 11:54 PM
    Friendliest and easiest dispensary to visit! You walk into the front lobby and are greeted by the nicest lady. Then she directs you to the display room and it's loaded with products and accessories on display. The staff are the nicest and will answer any questions you have. Just a great experience and design to the whole building and experience.
  • alyssa burns
    02/15/2024 06:03 PM
    Nothing compares to Native Sun! Make sure to try Blueberry Muffin! It does not disappoint. If only ten stars was an option …
  • Brian
    02/15/2024 05:02 PM
    I visited the Hudson store and was happy I made the trip(short ride from Leominster) The folks were great to deal with, and I was happy with my purchase
  • Matthew DaSilva
    02/15/2024 02:11 AM
    Been visiting native sun in Hudson for a year or so now. Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable!
  • Kyle Anthony
    02/15/2024 01:51 AM
  • Christine Armillotti
    02/15/2024 01:50 AM
  • Ryan Howarth
    02/15/2024 01:03 AM
    First time visiting Native Sun and grabbed the Bermuda Juice. Staff was incredible and the flower was out of this world. I will 100% be coming back for more. Do yourself a favor and get over to Native Sun, you won’t be disappointed!
  • Cait Anne
    02/15/2024 12:40 AM
    Just here to say that this pen is life! 🤩 Let me just say, I am NOT a vape fan, however they are helpful in a lot of situations so I decided to give it a try! This pen has superseded my expectations!