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Native Sun's Customer Reviews

Cannabis Dispensary located in MA

Here's what our customers are saying about us:

  • Joseph L Parent
    07/22/2024 10:50 AM
    Love that they open at 7am !
  • Trevor Vazquez
    07/21/2024 05:50 PM
    Chris was a huge help, gave me tons of info on the tinctures and got me exactly what I was looking for
  • Kecia Boyd
    07/20/2024 10:34 PM
    Chis M. is amazing! This is my first time shopping for cannabis and Chris M’s kindness, knowledge, warm smile, and patience made my first experiences extremely pleasant and I will definitely return and seek out Chris M.! I want you to know that you have a wonderful human working in your company. I know his teammates are aware of his wonderfulness because when I told them how amazing Chris…they all said “I know” with a big smile!
  • Jennifer Aponte
    07/15/2024 09:36 PM
    Netty was the bomb I love how friendly and helpful everyone was thank you !!!
  • Zakiyyah Id-Deen Murray
    07/15/2024 04:20 PM
    The wide variety of flower, edibles and vapes is what keeps me coming back. Also, the staff are very friendly and helpful!
  • Trappist Juan
    07/13/2024 11:56 PM
    Amanda was incredibly helpful. Y’all are lucky to have her! I don’t leave reviews for dispensaries because usually the people don’t know the product or medicine and the experience is meh but this was a breath of fresh air.
  • Wendy Ramirez
    07/13/2024 11:22 PM
    Chris M. was such a patient budtender, very informative and super helpful! Overall great experience and will be coming back for his help and talent again 👍🏼
  • studio63 hairsalon
    07/13/2024 08:16 PM
    Chris was so much help answering all my questions and educating me on thc cbn etc! Here’s to a good nights sleep!
  • Adrian Almeida
    07/12/2024 05:01 PM
    Chris M went above and beyond to make sure I got exactly what I needed..He took the time and explained the whole process to me and pointed out what would or wouldn’t work for me..One of the better experiences I’ve had in any dispensary! Take care of this kid!
  • Nicholas Bottella
    07/12/2024 02:35 PM
    Chris M is very helpful and knowledgable!