THC Content

10% – 35%

Onset Time: 10–20 Minutes
Duration: 60–90 Minutes

What Is Flower?

Bud, nugs, grass, weed, herb – it goes by many names, but it’s all the same thing: cannabis flower. These are the actual buds that are harvested from the cannabis plant, trimmed, cured and packaged for you to take home and consume. When you think of “traditional” cannabis consumption (smoking a bowl, pipe, or joint), you’re likely picturing flower.

You can find cannabis flower for sale at a dispensary in two main forms: loose flower and pre-rolls. Loose flower is just loose buds – not rolled into anything or processed in any way. When you buy cannabis flower as pre-rolls (AKA joints) are exactly what they sound like: ground flower rolled up and ready to smoke.

Flower comes in a wide variety of strains that produce different effects depending on its THC levels, other cannabinoids, and terpene content. When you buy cannabis flower from us, our Sun Staff can help you find the right strain for you based on your desired cannabis experience.

How Do You Consume Flower?

Flower is one of the most popular forms of cannabis because of its versatility and quick onset. Most people feel the effects of flower within 10 to 15 minutes after smoking or vaping, perfect for almost instant relaxation! You can smoke flower out of a bowl, bong, pipe, or pre-roll, vaporize it with a device, or even make your own edibles with it.

Keep in mind that your flower needs to be properly stored to retain its quality. Flower should be stored in an air-tight container, away from heat, moisture, and light as much as possible. When you look for cannabis flower for sale, make sure the dispensary is storing it properly so you’re not buying stale product. A glass mason jar works great, or our Sun Staff can recommend a storage solution in-store!

Is flower right for me?

Here are some reasons our Sun Staff recommends trying flower to customers:

  • If you want a high that kicks in quickly, but won’t last for hours
  • If you enjoy smoking or vaping as a consumption method
  • If you prefer to use bowls, bongs, pipes, or other glass pieces
  • If you’re a beginner or have a lower THC tolerance

Ready to give cannabis flower a try?

Check out the selection of cannabis flower for sale on our menu! Have more questions? Visit us to speak with a Sun Staff member!