THC Content

10% – 35%

Onset Time: 15–30 Minutes
Duration: 1–3 Hours

What are Tinctures?

Cannabis tinctures are a type of liquid cannabis extract that typically comes in glass dropper bottles. Tinctures use a solvent (usually alcohol or a natural oil) to extract cannabinoids (like THC and CBD) from the cannabis plant. In Massachusetts, tinctures are also categorized as cannabis concentrates.

What are Tinctures Good For?

Believe it or not, tinctures were the primary form of cannabis medicine before prohibition in the United States. While cannabis tinctures were largely considered a medical product back then, they’ve grown in popularity among recreational and medical consumers alike because of the discretion, convenience, and versatility they offer. Here’s a few reasons we love them: 

  • A smoke-free alternative: this makes tinctures coinvent and discrete to consume, and is easy on the lungs.
  • Precise dosing: tincture droppers make it easy to know exactly how much THC you’re consuming, so you can figure out your ideal dosage and consistently consume it.
  • Faster onset than edibles: tinctures can be consumed orally by placing a few drops under your tongue (AKA sublingual consumption). It’s absorbed into the bloodstream from there, which means the onset is quicker. 
  • Easy way to elevate your meals: tinctures can be added to just about any food or drink – your morning coffee, Thanksgiving mashed potatoes or gravy, mac and cheese, cocktails, etc.

How Do You Consume Tinctures?

Most commonly, tinctures are consumed sublingually – which is just a fancy way of saying that you drop your desired amount of tincture under your tongue for a few seconds. The tincture is absorbed right into the bloodstream for a quick onset time. 


But not everyone loves the feel or taste of tinctures. If you don’t want to go the sublingual route, you can drop your tincture in virtually any food or drink. However, this method of consuming cannabis extract has an onset time more like edibles since the tincture-infused food needs to be digested first.

Ready to give cannabis tinctures a try?

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