THC Content

200-1000mg per container

Onset Time: N/A
Duration: N/A

What Are Topicals?

Cannabis topicals include any type of lotion, balm, salve, oil, serum, etc. infused with cannabis and applied to the skin for localized pain relief, soreness, and inflammation. You can check out our selection of cannabis salves for sale here and see our full range of topicals.

What are transdermal products?

Transdermal products and topicals are often lumped in the same category – but they’re not exactly the same. Transdermal products are still applied to the skin, but unlike a topical, they penetrate deeper and can be absorbed by your bloodstream. You’re unlikely to feel an intense high when using a transdermal product (like a patch or lotion), but may feel some intoxicating effects.

Do Topicals Get Your High?

No, cannabis topicals are non-intoxicating. And yes, they still contain active THC. But when you apply a topical, the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) are being absorbed through your skin and do not reach your bloodstream, so you won’t feel a high like you do from smoking or consuming an edible – just targeted relief to the area the topical was applied to.

What Do Cannabis Topicals Help With?

Topicals are best used for any kind of targeted relief – sore muscles or muscle tension, joint pain, and inflammation. New studies and anecdotal evidence also suggests topicals can be used to treat certain skin conditions, headaches, and even cramping. These situations always have us reaching for a soothing topical: 

  • To relieve muscle tension & soreness: give those neck muscles some relief after slouching at your desk all day, or apply to sore muscles after exercising. 
  • To prevent muscle soreness: try using a topical as a preventative measure and apply it before a workout as opposed to after – it can aid in recovery and prevent inflammation.  
  • To soothe a sunburn or rash: apply a topical to burnt, irritated skin and feel the sweet relief! For other skin conditions, you should run it by your doctor or dermatologist first.  
  • To help with headaches: applying a small amount of a topical to your temples or other pressure points can help relieve headaches.

Ready to give cannabis topicals a try?

Check out the selection of cannabis topicals for sale on our menu! Have more questions? Visit us to speak with a Sun Staff member!