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What The Election Meant For Cannabis

What The Election Meant For Cannabis


Last week, we saw a historic night of marijuana legalization across the US, bringing the total count of fully legal adult use states up to fifteen plus Washington, DC and Guam. Read below for state specific details.


South Dakota – Residents of South Dakota have made history by voting to legalize both medical and adult–use marijuana on a single ballot.


Arizona – After suffering a defeat four years ago, Arizona has become the thirteenth state to legalize adult use cannabis. Arizona voters approved a ballot question to legalize recreational cannabis for people ages 21 and older with a 16% excise tax on retail sales. The state also proposed a process to expunge drug offenses related to marijuana.


Montana – Montana approved two measures. The first, legalized recreational marijuana with a 20% tax and let people convicted of marijuana offenses apply for resentencing or records expungement. The other, approved Legislature set the age for buying, using, and possessing marijuana at 21.


New Jersey – New Jersey voters voted in favor of the proposal to legalize recreational cannabis for people ages 21 and older and subject it to state sales tax.


Mississippi – Mississippi voters passed a measure to legalize medical marijuana.


Oregon – Oregon has been adult use friendly for around five years now, but recently has voted to decriminalize all drugs including cocaine and heroin as well as legalize medical psilocybin for supervised therapeutic uses. In this historic vote, Oregon has become the first state in the US to decriminalize all drugs.