Consuming Cannabis – Methods And Dosage

You may have heard the phrase, “start low and go slow” referring to cannabis use. This catchy phrase is around for a reason – it’s good advice! Especially for new […]

What To Expect At Your First Visit

What to expect when going to a dispensary for the first time One of the most common comments we receive from visitors is that they had no idea what to […]

Pride Month!

It’s Pride at Native Sun and we are celebrating equality and diversity daily. We do this by exploring the deep connection between the LGBT community and cannabis. Celebrating PRIDE is […]

The Science of Cannabis

Even if you’re an active cannabis user, there’s most likely a lot about our favorite plant that remains a mystery. So grab your lab coats and microscopes and let’s dive […]

Let’s Talk Topicals

Topicals, or cannabis infused lotions, balms or oils applied through the skin, are a newer form of cannabis consumption that goes against the common notion that cannabis must be consumed […]

Find the Right Strain For You

Here at Native Sun, we realize that a lot has changed in the marijuana industry. You may have questions about cannabis varieties, doses, and different methods of consumption. Our knowledgeable […]